Jordan Amlion

Voted in King/Ruler of the newly established character


Race: Human (Northern)
Class: General
Special/Unique traits/abilities: Enhanced natural resistance to cold, Natural leader, seems to be able to resist some forms of magic (arcane)

Personality: Calm and collected usually, he knows that he holds responsibility over a great many people and he strives to be equal to all in the new “kingdom”. He is thoughtful and will willingly draw his weapon in defence of those who cannot defend themselves.

Appearance: Jordan stands nearly six feet tall and is well muscled. He sports shoulder length black hair and has deep green eyes. He normally is seen in the formal attire attributed to his status, a rich blue and black garment with gold stitching, though he is just as often seen in his battle gear that consistes of a suit of chainmail with a heavy shoulder to hand gauntlet. In combat he uses his sword and gauntlet as weapons.


Born to a common family in Drakenholm he watched his family dwindle to only himself and his sister by the age of ten, at which point he began to seek out ways to join the military. While the time he spent in his youth was tough it never prepared him for the horrors of war. He had followed a group of soldiers who were heading to the battlefront between a corrupted religious sect from the east and witnessed the horrible battle and it ended up being his quick thinking that saved the surviving soldiers. Jordan saved the soldiers by causing a small landslide to rain down on their opponents, and afterwards Jordan was taken in by one of the soldiers and his sister was welcomed as well. He began to serve the soldier as a sort of apprentice and took to the blade well, mastering the use of a bastard sword quickly, and found that he was capable of changing his tactics on the fly.
After his twenty-fifth birthday he was promoted to the head of a large division of soldiers, and his regiment of over a quarter of the vast military to strike out into the east to secure their lush fields for crops. During the three year campaign he had gotten a reputation for showing mercy and being cool at all times, his enemies were so moved by his kindness towards their captives and the wounded they too began to take after his example.

When the treatise was agreed upon and a council chosen from each of the countries to represent their interest in Ahki Jordan was chosen by the council to serve as the “King” of sorts, his kindness towards those around him and his brilliance in tactical warfare would serve each of the countries well and ensure the loyalty of their combined peoples.

Jordan Amlion

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