On the continent of Ahl’Niishok the land is varied and vibrant, extending far and wide in the fourt directions to bring a vast climate of the elements.

To the North is the kingdom of Drakenholm, a powerful people of warriors stand strong and follow strict codes of honor in the frosty peaks that mark their homeland. They are the tallest of the lands people, fair and yet unbelievably physically powerful and masters of war.

To the East is the plains country of Damtranis, people of religion who serve the gods in individual cities dedicated to one of the twelve gods and strive to uphold their beliefs and values. Despite conflicting dogmas of many of the gods the land does well, and in times fo great crisis even the dark deities and the light find peace enough to protect the lands of their followers. These people are wise and sturdy, though not as war-like as their Northern-Western neighbours. They excell in the Divine magics that flow from a devout follower from their deity to their followers, bringing powerful dark and radiant energies to protect, heal, and strengthen their followers and hinder their foes.

To the South is the Desert Kingdom of Tal’Rashiimi, a land of powerful sorcerers and wizards. Scholars are the norm and they travel through the world to seek answers, and are generally accepted even by those who so distrust the country itself. The people here are seemingly frail in comparison to the other countries, they are not overly tall nor muscular by the norm. They are a force to be reckoned with though, with their vast knowledge there is nowhere in the entire world that has the ability to so easily command the arcane energies of the world. These energies bring the elements to bear as might shields, blast their foes with raw energy and elements, and open rifts to the hells and heavens to summon otherworldly creatures to fight for their masters.

To the West is the Jungle Kingdom of Fhallah, ruled by sultans who rule with an iron fist but also with the kindess to care for all people. Unlike the other countries there are very few who live in poverty, and much can be said regarding their rulership on how they care for those residences, and how they so punish outsiders who break their laws. These are Animas, people of animal traced ancestry. They are humanoids with fox, in the case of females, and wolf, in the case of males, traits and appear very much like how one would picture were-wolves, which here are rare for they are hunted down with no quarter. These people value skill and stealth over direct conflict, assassins of great renown have spaned from this kingdom, but they too have a code of honor that halts any thoughts of a murderous assassins and thugs.

And at the centre of this great continent rests Ahki, and untamed land. This is a place of mixed environs. It has a season seemingly for each of the outside countries, overly dry summers reminiscent of the deserts in the South, cold winters swoop down from the North, a peaceful and bountiful spring from the East, and wet and murky autum from the West. Here the Niish live, a people of the thirteenth deity, the Creator. They follow the land as they have for centuries, living in close knit clans. They are seemingly a combination of the aspects of each race outside them, but each individual varies greatly. The brown skinned humans with black hair have lived in wilderness of harshness and live through facing the untamed beasts that reside there. Living for the simplistic lives and Traditions the most prominant of clans have been gifted with a Spirit Guardian. The spirit guardian is a creatue of great power created by the Creator through the natural magic of realities that created the initial world, and while all clans have a shaman who can wield this power to some degree, only the greatest eight have a Guardian.

The story begins here, in the land of Ahki, when the wars that had been fought by the outside countries came to a reasonable agreement. They formed what they called their new country right in the centre of it all, Ahki. With their combined might the outsiders have created a few cities and a capitol, and the natives have simply moved aside allowing them passage.

For they cannot afford to be drawn into conflict with the aggressive outsiders, for there is a darkness dwelling. The outsiders believe an attack from the native peoples immenant and refuse their entry to their old sacred lands. In a world with much more at stake than countries and their boundries, a conflict will arise that will shatter the world as all know it and bring about friendships that never before would have been possible.

Post if there is any interest. There is a ton that could happen and I have lots of ideas for the story should enough people be interested.

Giizis Ahki